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Chancellor search: Quo vadimus, UW?

In the first post on this blog, GWP rightly focused on the central issue of selecting a new chancellor to run this great university. He raised three questions: What are the most important qualifications to look for in our next … Continue reading

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Textbooks and the Free Market

Whatever you think of the “magic of the free market”, there are a few situations in which it indisputably breaks down (or would break down) if left entirely to its own devices. Mail delivery to Gnome, Alaska. Medical care for … Continue reading

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Outrageous Chancellor Pay Package

The Cap Times has an article today titled “Pay will limit chancellor search.” It seems that $322,000 plus a recently renovated mansion to live in, a state car, and “generous benefits” is simply not enough to attract quality candidates. The … Continue reading

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The Toxic Two Percent

After months of delay, the budget numbers are now in. State lawmakers have approved a pay package that boosts UW System faculty and academic staff pay by 2 percent for AY 2007-2008, 2 percent again for AY 2008-2009, and another … Continue reading

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Contribute Topics for Discussion

This site will host reports and opinion pieces on any of a variety of issues of relevant to the policies, governance and administration of UW-Madison. Special interest articles may also be considered. Typically, we will post either a solicited or … Continue reading

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Choosing a New Chancellor

Today, December 9, 2007, marks the birth of this forum. Sifting and Winnowing has barely seen the light of day, and not a single article or comment has been posted — this will be the first. It is an astonishing … Continue reading

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