Choosing a New Chancellor

Today, December 9, 2007, marks the birth of this forum. Sifting and Winnowing has barely seen the light of day, and not a single article or comment has been posted — this will be the first. It is an astonishing coincidence that, just as the project mission statement was being formulated and site software being selected, the news broke that John D. Wiley would be stepping down as Chancellor at the end of the current academic year.

This forum may never have a better opportunity to prove its worth. Can the staff and faculty of UW-Madison, through this medium, weigh in and help define the criteria by which a new chancellor will be selected? Will the Board of Regents be interested in the priorities of those who will be most directly affected by the new chancellor’s leadership?

With this post, we throw open the floodgates by soliciting reader comments on the following topics:

  • What are the most important qualifications to look for in our next Chancellor and why?
  • Do you believe that the next Chancellor should be recruited from inside or outside the UW system? Why?
  • In which ways do you believe that Dr. Wiley’s chancellorship was especially effective and therefore worth emulating by our future Chancellor? In which ways do you believe his leadership could be significantly improved upon? Please be specific, and please be factual.

Because this is the first post to this forum, there are, as of this writing, no readers to speak of. If you support the mission of S&W, we urge you to send a link to this page to your colleagues on the staff and faculty, especially those who are in a position to offer thoughtful and informed responses to the above questions.

At a later date, we will begin posting articles and opinion pieces on a selection of other topics related to the policies, governance and administration of UW-Madison.

The Editors

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  1. GWP says:

    It appears that some of the discussion invited by this article is already beginning in the on-line edition of the Cap Times:

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