Contribute Topics for Discussion

This site will host reports and opinion pieces on any of a variety of issues of relevant to the policies, governance and administration of UW-Madison. Special interest articles may also be considered.

Typically, we will post either a solicited or unsolicited article that will lead off a new discussion thread. That article will then serve as the nucleus for an open-ended discussion via reader comments.

With this post, we solicit specific suggestions for topics. Here is a sampling of the kinds of things we are looking for:

  • Impacts of the new budget on the quality of research and/or teaching
  • Oversight, accountability, and responsiveness in the administration hierarchy
  • Faculty recruitment/retention issues
  • The future of the tenure system at UW-Madison
  • State funding vs. state control
  • The tuition surcharge for graduate students in grant budgets
  • The utilization of overhead charges collected on research grants
  • Infrastructure issues — what is needed, and who pays?

In addition to replying with specific topic suggestions, consider whether you are in a position to contribute a lead article, short or long, addressing any topic of likely interest to our readership. If you are, please see the page Information for Authors.

the Editors

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