Chancellor finalists announced – please comment!

Four finalists have been selected by the Chancellor Search Committees. Their names, CVs, and other information can be found here:

We would like to invite readers to comment publicly and constructively in this thread on any or all of the finalists.

Also, we urge you to send comments directly to the Chancellor Search Committee at the following address:

Your e-mailed comments must be received by the Committee by May 19 in order to be considered.

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One Response to Chancellor finalists announced – please comment!

  1. Anonymous says:

    I have not personally met or had any dealings with any of the finalists. But I know colleagues who have. I have heard private expressions of concern regarding the performance of one of the finalists in their current position. Another finalist is rumored to have been the target of a previous recruitment effort here (at a lower level) that didn’t turn out well for UW-Madison. I hope that the Search Committee will be apprised of the details of that earlier effort and how it ended – is it possible that not every finalist is serious about wanting the job? And if a huge pay package would be needed to overcome their reluctance, is that who we really want?

    In summary, not everything that needs to be known about the finalists can be found on their CV. I hope that individuals with firsthand knowledge of issues (pro and con) relevant to any of the finalist’s suitability for the position of Chancellor will make these known to the Search Commitee.

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