A Fresh Start

The campus has been awash lately in profoundly important new developments, ranging from the narrowly-averted forced unionization of RAs to the clawback of raises to the mandatory furloughs to the proposed restructuring of the Graduate School.   All of these issues deserve, but have not yet been receiving, a fully open and informed airing by campus citizens from across the spectrum of opinion.    The exceptionally urgent need for a public forum has given me the impetus to finally solve the spam problem and reopen this site.  This I have now done by adding a reCaptcha plugin to the comment function (for those who are interested, reCaptcha also helps digitize old books! — read more here).

There remains, of course, a significant hurdle to be overcome:  For there to be readers, there must be writers.  For there to be writers, there normally has to be at least the prospect of readers.

During the coming weeks, I will  try to break the logjam by  actively recruiting colleagues who are willing to invest in the future of this forum by contributing opinion pieces even before a significant readership is established.  If you would like to be one of those contributors, I urge you to contact me with your proposed topic.

In the meantime, I thank you for your patience, and I look forward to your support.

– the Editor

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