The other shoe drops: UC Ad Hoc Committee report on the research enterprise.

As reported here and elsewhere,  the Academic Staff Executive Committee (ASEC) Ad Hoc Committee on the Research Enterprise already released its report back on January 22.

We had been waiting with bated breath for the counterpart committee appointed by the faculty’s University Committee (UC) to release its own findings on the same issue.  This report was originally due by the end of 2009, but this deadline could not be met.

The following message has just now  (2:50 pm today) been broadcast by the University Committee:

Dear Colleagues:

Attached and at the link listed at the end of this communication, please find the Report of the Ad Hoc Committee to Review the Needs and Structure of UW-Madison’s Research Enterprise.  In the fall semester, the UC appointed a blue ribbon faculty governance committee in response to the administration’s announcement last summer of its plan to restructure the institution’s research enterprise.  That action prompted a series of town hall meetings at which the provost presented the administration’s justification for its proposed restructuring.  Subsequently, the Faculty Senate, by a near unanimous vote, adopted a resolution opposing “any action to implement such a plan, e.g., through the creation of a new vice chancellor for research or changes in the functions of the Graduate School, until the administration provides a fully developed written plan in response to the University Committee’s ad hoc committee report and recommendations, which has been reviewed and approved by the University Committee and the Faculty Senate with appropriate opportunity for comment by all members of the faculty.”

The University Committee looks forward to looks forward to a constructive dialogue with the chancellor and the provost in developing a plan that can be presented to the Faculty Senate.

The University Committee

Here is the link to the document.

If the delayed release means that the report gives a more thorough, nuanced, and defensible analysis of the need for restructuring of the Graduate School then would have been possible by December 31, then we are of course all for it, and we thank the provost and chancellor for not using the delay as an excuse to forge ahead with their plan without the input from both the the ASEC and UC white papers.

We have not yet had time to read the report and are at this time simply posting the above communication, and the link to the report, without editorial comment.

– the Editors.

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