What voters “know.”

Normally, S&W is intended as a forum for information and opinion strictly about and for  the UW-Madison campus community.   But in the run-up to Tuesday’s midterm elections, we rationalize broadening our scope a bit by noting that the outcome of the elections could profoundly affect funding for the University, University-State relations, and of course the political environment in which all members of the campus community will have to live for at least the next two years.

With that  in mind, we commend to our readers the following blog post:

Also, if you’ve wondered about the unprecedented flood of negative advertising in this year’s election but don’t know who or what is behind it, you owe it to yourself (and us) to find out.  Visit the following site and consider giving your last-minute support to their City of Madison petition campaign that ends this weekend:

Please share the above links with those who might find the information useful.  And please don’t neglect to vote this Tuesday!

– the Editors

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