Road maps for the New Badger Partnership?

With public discussion of the New Badger Partnership proposal now picking up steam, we recommend to our readers several non-UW-Madison documents that, whether you embrace their main conclusions or not,  shed more light on the political and economic forces shaping the future relationship between the University of Wisconsin and the State.

One is a report by the Wisconsin Policy Research Institute (WPRI), which bills itself as “Wisconsin’s Free Market Think Tank” :

In addition, the University of Wisconsin System website has a page called A Growth Agenda for Wisconsin: Growing People, Jobs, Communities. Of particular note on that page are two documents:

While the above documents have been mentioned and/or linked to in diverse places over the past weeks, including on the chancellor’s own website for the New Badger Partnership, the PROFS website, and some media reports (many of which are collected here), they may have escaped the attention of at least some S&W readers.

We invite readers to study the above documents and share their thoughts in the comments section below.  In particular, we wonder what readers think of this statement taken from the WPRI report:

Making the UW System less reliant on taxpayer funding and more reliant on other sources of revenue could make it more responsive to the Wisconsin economy. If students and their parents are more invested in paying for their own education, the UW would need to be much more responsive to their needs and the demands of employers around the state.

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3 Responses to Road maps for the New Badger Partnership?

  1. The docs and links you provided are not only supportive of the NBP, but also are foundational to the NBP. Do you want to offer your readers docs that offer genuine ideas which will help the campus and the state make an informed decision?

    And second, do you want to offer your readers docs that illustrate what likely needs to be done at the campus level (accountability goals and metrics) so that the state and/or UW System provides UW-Madison autonomy and flexibilities in the areas of procurement, human resources, renovation and construction, and the area that the UW wants most: tuition authority.

    Noel Radomski

  2. Admin says:

    The answer to both of Dr. Radomski’s questions is a resounding “yes”. However, S&W depends almost entirely on the willingness of engaged campus citizens to supply (a) the leads to relevant documents and other information, and (b) insightful original articles on issues of concern.

    We would warmly welcome Dr. Radomski’s (and others’) contributions in either category. Contributions may be either signed or anonymous and should be sent to admin ‘at’ siftingandwinnowing ‘dot’ org

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