Ulterior motive behind splitting off UW-Madison?

One indication of the serious political challenge ahead of the effort to win political (i.e. legislative) support for autonomy for UW Madison is the registration of the new entity, BADGERADVOCATES, as a lobbying arm at the Capitol. The group is led by Brandon Scholz, Director of the Wisconsin Grocers Association and former director and, still major player in, the GOP.

This is one of the largest lobbying forces mobilized and is comprised of a who’s who of GOP lobbying stalwarts. Missing from the line-up however, is Pete Christiansen, head of the Quarles and Brady lobbying firm and President of the UW Alumni Association.

Who exactly are the Badger Advocates? Who funds them?

In any case, they know full well  that the GOP caucuses will gladly embrace the prospect of splitting off of our campus so that they can slash and burn without having to jeopardize funding for their own proximate campus(es). Indeed, for the rural and suburban GOP, which comprise the majorities in both houses, there could not be a more ideologically and fiscally opportune outcome than this specific fissure of the System.


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8 Responses to Ulterior motive behind splitting off UW-Madison?

  1. ... says:

    red. herring.

  2. Tobias says:

    I am not responsible for the headline. That’s lett to the editors at S &W. There is no motive implied in my note. I was attempting to point out that 1) there are more players here then we (underlings) know about and 2) the choice of their lobbying team clearly indicates who they are attempting to influence.
    My conclusion speaks for itself.

  3. anon says:

    To the first commenter: You dismiss people’s concerns about what’s happening with NBP without providing a shred of real evidence as to why they shouldn’t be concerned. Either step up with a well-grounded opposing opinion or risk being dismissed as a troll.

  4. Fearless Winnower says:

    Another WSJ story painfully lacking in details. Why another organization? What’s in it for them? Given the minimal pushback for the NBP at this early stage, why is this such an important issue for them? Inquiring minds wanna know…

  5. Admin says:

    The NY Times on the push for autonomy by public universities:


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  7. Frank says:

    If the mostly-private authority is such a great idea, why do we need a high powered lobbyist group? Exactly where is the money coming from? And how is this group getting input from the campus community and the average Wisconsinite? You know it used to be their University

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