Autonomy and flexibility bring ethical risks.

In our search for sponsorship funds and flexible options are we risking the appearance of UW-Madison in stories like this in the coming years?
Our only insurance against such a risk is to turn the tide and not stop until we are fully funded by the people of Wisconsin. This will not happen until we are bringing value to every home in Wisconsin, and the people of Wisconsin will not let us down. We have let them down in our search for stardom in scholarship, shooting ourselves in the foot.  It is time to renew our commitment to the Wisconsin Idea in action; that is, to walk our words.
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  2. Frank says:

    You are beyond wishful thinking and into the self-delusion zone if you think the citizens of the state will ever again “fully fund” the UW (as if they ever really did without a huge fight for every dollar). UW’s history is much more full of years of cutbacks and declining support than real growth. Most years funding was at best reluctantly given. There was little broad love for the UW out in the small towns of the state.
    Such fatuous ideas are not useful additions to the solving the real problems of today.

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