Calling on the Board of Regents to lead.

In her latest post on Education Optimists, Prof. Sara Goldrick-Rab steps back a bit from the contentious debate over the public authority proposal (that according to at least some other posts to S&W — e.g,. this one and this one — is now seemingly on life support) and challenges us — and the Board of Regents — to look ahead and  open the door to “fierce conversations about two key issues that have received insufficient attention in the debate over the New Badger Partnership”:

  1. The public purpose of our flagship university
  2. The way we spend our money

Like all of her posts that we have seen to date, this one is informed, thoughtful, provocative, and simply a must-read for those who care about the future of UW-Madison:   A challenge to the Board of Regents.

Please read it.  And while you’re at it, read this as well (from another author): Giving Away the Farm: The Folly in Privatizing UCLA’s Anderson School of Management

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One Response to Calling on the Board of Regents to lead.

  1. Frank says:

    What positive impact has being part of the UW Sytem ever had on UW Madison?? It steals our tuition $$$$. It steals funds appropriated to retain star Madison faculty. It never has come forward with a leadership position that was succesful to my knowledge. It lets Madison do all the heavy lifting and then takes a cut to give to the other campuses. Thanks for nothing.

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