Huebsch: NPB “would bring a free-market approach to the university”

Just when we’re fretting about the apparent dismantling of academic freedom and shared governance at Florida State and other universities as these institutions openly sell their curricula to wealthy corporate donors,  Sara Goldrick-Rab over at Education Optimists tips us off to recent comments by Department of Administration Secretary Mike Huebsch.

Here’s the key passage:

… Mike Huebsch says he and Gov. Scott Walker remain hopeful that the guv’s proposed split of UW-Madison from the rest of the university system will pass.

Speaking in Brookfield Wednesday at a gathering of the Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce, he told the group it would bring a free-market approach to the university system similar to that of a corporate business. [emphasis added]

I now have two burning questions for Chancellor Biddy Martin, for our Faculty Senate,  and for other prominent and enthusiastic supporters of the public authority plan:

  1. Do you have any plausible basis whatsoever for doubting Huebsch’s characterization of the public authority plan as regards the actual intentions of those who inserted it into the budget bill?
  2. Do you support this vision for UW-Madison?

If you answer “no” to both questions, then the most obvious interpretation is that your endorsement of Scott Walker’s public authority plan reflected a grave lapse in judgment and due diligence on your part.

I look forward to hearing the arguments for a more generous interpretation.



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3 Responses to Huebsch: NPB “would bring a free-market approach to the university”

  1. Frank says:

    Ah, the free market university, now were talking. Don’t think I see the return on investment from Art History or Classics. Is Celtic Studies about the basketball team?

  2. GP says:

    At least you’re honest about your priorities.

  3. Frankfurter says:

    Personally, I think that the UW should close down all of its schools and academic departments and just field cash-generating sports teams. Sure way to turn a profit! Education is WAY overrated. I mean, if Governor Walker can do it without a college degree, who really needs one?

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