How to fail as chancellor of a public university.

From the Chronicle of Higher Education (June 19):
Its Leader Under Fire, UMass Flagship Has No Clear Route to Elite Status


When chancellors appear to work back channels without buy-in from a system, they often undermine their own causes, says Aims C. McGuinness Jr., a senior analyst at the National Center for Higher Education Management Systems, a nonprofit consulting group. He equated Mr. Holub’s medical-school move with recent efforts to gain autonomy by Carolyn A. (Biddy) Martin, the departing chancellor of the University of Wisconsin at Madison, who was criticized by system officials when they learned of her quiet pursuit of a plan to break away from the system.

“That is exactly Biddy Martin behavior, going around the system, ignoring the need to work and play effectively with others,” Mr. McGuinness says. “Playing politics is prescription No. 1 for creating major governance problems,” and can mean the failure of a chancellorship or a presidency.

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2 Responses to How to fail as chancellor of a public university.

  1. Frank says:

    Martin might have made an error but I am still waiting to see a list of the major accomplishments of the UW System President and the BOR that did not originate from the Madison campus. Maybe they got a better deal on paper or floor wax. Only thing I have found from the BOR are an illegal campus speech code which I believe started at Madison under Shalala (mistake) and a long winning fight to allow funding of some campus groups (which did originate at Madison and the Chancellor.)
    Now Walker is gutting the System offices so whatever their function was, it will be greatly reduced to sending out the agenda for the BOR meetings and ordering the lunch sandwiches. Right up their alley.

  2. Crazy Harry says:

    Notice that the Governor used his partial veto authority to further separate the great state university from the folks who occupy the upper floors of Van Hise Hall?

    Under the Budget as enacted, the Madison campus will no longer have to run its personnel and payroll plans past the System wizards.

    As I have consistently observed, we are moving the Madison campus along the path back toward independence. Just because the New Badger Partnership wasn’t enacted as proposed doesn’t mean that it is dead and the debate is over. Far from it. The debate is just beginning.

    On, Wisconsin! (And NOT “On, UW-Madison”!)

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