Invitation to planning discussion: Building an effective organization for faculty and staff.

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Saturday, Sept 24 — 10 AM- 3 PM

Building an Effective Organization for Faculty and Staff

If you read Sifting and Winnowing then you recognize that the events of last semester underscore the need for a viable organization of University staff and faculty. The Wisconsin University Union (WUU) invites you to a planning discussion about what that might look like. We’d like to hear from campus employees what they’d like that organization to focus on and do.

What issues should this organization prioritize?

  • Improve compensation?
  • Protect academic freedoms?
  • Secure employee protections on layoffs, promotion, etc?
  • Re-gain right to collectively bargain?
  • Retain rights of self-governing institutions?
  • Other?

What function/activity should this organization prioritize?

  • Provide accurate and timely information on issues affecting employees?
  • Advocate for individual employees in workplace disputes?
  • Conduit information to decision-makers at state and campus level?
  • Develop political capacity to advocate for campus interests such as lobbying or organizing a PAC?
  • Work with similar grassroots groups on other UW campuses?
  • Other?

We intend this to be a wide-open/no-preconceptions meeting — a frank (and fun) discussion of what’s really needed and how best to organize getting it. Please join other individual and organizational activists to discuss and plan an effective organization designed to meet our real challenges.

  • On-campus location
  • Ample food and drink available throughout!
  • (More precise agenda to follow shortly)
  • RSVP: / 334-1156
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