S&W invites nominations for a new board of contributing editors.

For over four years, Sifting and Winnowing has served as a forum for the campus community to speak out on issues that cannot be adequately debated in the student dailies or the off-campus media alone.  For most of those years, we have depended on sporadic contributions by around a dozen individuals who have written mainly when they felt inspired by current events.

Our resolution for 2012 is to increase the range of voices and the breadth of topics and opinions represented and to ensure a somewhat steadier supply of new and thought-provoking commentary.  To that end, we are recruiting a volunteer board of Contributing Editors, each member of which will commit to writing (or soliciting) short but regular posts on topics of their choice.

If you know someone — faculty, staff, student, alum, or informed member of the public — whom you believe could write thoughtfully and knowledgeably about issues and events that matter (or should matter) to those who care about the University of Wisconsin-Madison, we invite you to submit your nominations to admin@siftingandwinnowing.org.  We are especially interested in potential contributors who would bring a fresh, entertaining, and/or provocative perspective to issues and policies we seldom stop to think about.  Self-nominations are encouraged.

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