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The missing message about universities and society.

The role of public higher education in a rapidly changing world rose to prominence  last week with two developments:  the University of Virginia’s governance debacle (see local commentary here) and the announcement of Gov. Scott Walker’s Flexible Online Degree initiative. … Continue reading

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A Charter School for the University of Wisconsin? Questions about the new UW Flexible Degree Program

Two events, each with potentially great repercussions for public higher education, came out of the blue last week. While one – the ouster of the President of the University of Virginia – was closely followed nationally and on this campus, … Continue reading

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Urgent: Amendment to restrict government employee participation in scientific conferences

The following disturbing message from the American Geophysical Union, a major professional organization, was passed on to S&W.   If you value the participation of government scientists in the broader scientific community and, especially, in scientific conferences, then you should not … Continue reading

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Some observations on the UVA debacle.

The following was written by Judith Burstyn, professor of chemistry and former chair of the University Committee at UW-Madison. An abbreviated version appeared in today’s Chronicle of Higher Education.  The full piece is reprinted here (and also at EduOptimists) in … Continue reading

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