Sifting and Winnowing goes dormant.

Everyone is busy, and few are busier today than the small group of idealists who conceived of this site at a holiday party in 2007 and then nursed it along over the past several  years.   We are simply unable to put in the time anymore, so either someone else would have had to pick up the torch, or Sifting and Winnowing would have to go dormant.  By “dormant,” we mean no new postings, and when the commercial internet hosting contract expires in a year or so, the lights will go out completely.

An invitation was extended privately to several trusted individuals to take over management of S&W, the sole condition being that it would continue to serve as an open forum for anyone with an informed opinion about campus affairs, no matter what specific position they took.   Perhaps not surprisingly, no one else had the time either.  It’s not too late for someone to step up, but that no longer seems likely.

One long-time contributor suggested that S&W served its purpose during a particular moment in this University’s history, and “now it is time to lift the lid, toss it into the cybercloud and soon enough something else will fall out of the sky.”

We’ll all be watching for that “something else.”

Thanks for reading!

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3 Responses to Sifting and Winnowing goes dormant.

  1. hc says:

    If you want people to volunteer how about some contact information?
    BTW how much are you paying for hosting per year?

  2. hc says:

    Hey sifters, are you sure NOW is the time you want to go dormant? Really? We are not under a nice thick layer of deep snow. Rather there seems to be a volcano erupting right now.

    Check out this gem from the UW System new personnel system.
    Most unfortunately the classified were way more prominent in the feedback category, they had a lot of anger towards faculty and staff, and this can be used against all of us most unfortunately in the future. And there’s a lot of transfer between UW System personnel system and Madison personnel system. So just because this is System and not Madison is not a reason to ignore what System is doing.

    Like a rule against being “discourteous”. This is extremely subjective and further subject to discrimination. It is well known that women for example are held to different expectations of conduct than men. What a man could get away with saying a woman could get dismissed for saying.
    II. Regulations – Prohibited Conduct
    A. Failure or refusal to carry out assignments or instructions.
    B. Loafing, loitering, sleeping or engaging in unauthorized personal business.
    C. Unauthorized disclosure of confidential information or records.
    D. Failure to provide accurate and complete information whenever such information is required by an authorized person or entity.
    E. Failure to comply with health, safety and sanitation requirements, rules and regulations.
    F. Unexcused or excessive absenteeism.
    G. Unauthorized or improper use of University property or equipment including vehicles, telephone, university keys or mail service.
    H. Unauthorized possession or removal of University or another person’s private property.
    I. Unauthorized posting or removing of notices or signs from bulletin boards.
    J. Threatening or doing bodily harm, intimidating, interfering with, or using abusive language towards others.
    K. Unauthorized possession of weapons.
    L. Making false or malicious statements concerning other employees, students or the University.
    M. Use or reporting to work under the influence of alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs.
    N. Unauthorized solicitation for any purpose.
    O. Failure to exercise good judgment, or being discourteous, in dealing with fellow employees, students or the general public.

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