Sifting and Winnowing comes out of mothballs.

In light of the tremendous challenges dire emergency facing the University of Wisconsin in the form of Governor Walker’s proposed $300 million budget cut to UW System and creation of a new public authority for UWS, we urgently need to expand the opportunities for stakeholders – faculty, staff, students, their parents, alumni, and business leaders – to help shape the public discussion about the future of the University of Wisconsin.

So, after many months of relative neglect, we are bringing S&W back to life and will once again actively seek contributions  from across the UW community and from across the spectrum of ideas.

In addition to unsolicited contributions, we welcome volunteer co-editors who can help solicit and post submissions from a range of contributors.

Please be sure to read the mission statement and the instructions for authors.

And please speak up.

Update: Because the issues that confront UW-Madison are in many ways common to those confronting the other UW System campuses, we are at least temporarily broadening our scope to welcome news and commentary related to the effects of cuts and/or public authority on those other campuses.

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