A call to pay attention and engage.

You must delve more deeply into the governor’s proposals to cut the UW-System budget by $300 million in the coming biennium and to spin off the university from the state as a public authority (a semi-private entity like the UW-Hospitals and Clinics.)

Deals are being made, and it  is hard to know what they are. There are potential benefits and extreme dangers for our institution and for shared governance.

Ask tough questions. The time for action is NOW – the governor will present his budget Feb. 3 and deals are being hammered out downtown as I write.

We need faculty to speak up at the Senate, to engage their students, and to seed discussion all across campus. To keep yourself informed visit PROFS, (Public Representation Organization  of the Faculty Senate), visit BadgerFutures: Resources for Debates about UW-Madison’s Future on Facebook and follow @GlobalHigherEd on Twitter.

Please post additional relevant resources as comments below.

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