Information for Authors

We seek two kinds of contributions from thoughtful and informed members of the University of Wisconsin community:

Articles: These are substantive reports or opinion pieces, either solicited or unsolicited, on a particular topic of interest. Contributors must be registered users, and articles must be approved by the Editor before posting. If you wish to submit an article and do not already have “contributor” (or higher) status, please send email with a brief proposal or a draft article.

We wish the focus to be on the facts and ideas presented in an article and not on the identity of the author.  We also want authors to be able to speak freely about sensitive issues without fear of drawing negative attention to themselves.  For both reasons, we allow contributions to be anonymous.

For this forum to fulfill its intended purpose, it must develop a wide following.  For it to develop a wide following, articles must be insightful, factual, and well-written.   The Editor reserves the right to reject, or request revisions for, articles not satisfying all three of those criteria but will never do so simply because the piece expresses a particular viewpoint.

Comments: These are reader responses to published articles. They may seek to add to, clarify, show support for, or rebut, the facts and viewpoints expressed in the original article. The tone must be reasonably respectful and factual. The moderator of this forum reserves the right to delete, at his/her sole discretion, any comments that fail to satisfy the above criteria.

Please read this disclaimer.

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